Friday, June 5, 2009

Have you read these?

A smattering of insightful and useful posts from the blawgosphere and beyond.

  • Draft Horse” from Belgium Knee Warmers. I don’t often get the chance to recommending a cycling post in the context of legal business development and marketing. This is a great post about working hard, satisfying the needs of your client, and the satisfaction that comes from being a true team player. Lawyers: don’t make your clients tell you what they need. Know their business, know their industry, know their objectives and strategies and challenges, so that you can smell their need and satisfy it before they ask. Then you know you’re adding value.

  • You Need to Be Proactive to Sell” from Alan’s Blog at Contrarian Consulting. I’ve featured posts from Alan Weiss before. This one features stories about selling, value and how one vendor makes their client feel important, special and valued. Guess who’s going to get repeat business?

  • Decision making defines the leader” from Harvey MacKay. This article doesn’t need much in the way of introduction, because you already know who MacKay is and why you should be reading his weekly column. My favorite part of this one? The quote from Harry S. Truman: “Whenever I make a bum decision, I just go out and make another."

  • Tips for Pitching Your Firm to In-House Counsel Without Going Overboard” from It may seem like you’ve heard these before. After all, you have a lot of experience on the buyer side making purchase decisions based on how people pitch their services. Then why do you need to read this post? Because you’re probably not using your “buyer” experience when wearing your “seller” hat. Read this post and put what you learn into action.

  • What do recruiters want from a resume?” from MN Headhunter. I feature a lot of posts for job seekers that offer valuable lessons for all who sell themselves (including the fortunate ones who currently have jobs). Don’t let the title of this post fool you: it too is for everyone. Yes, it is full of very practical advice for job seekers writing, updating, or merely circulating their resume. But there’s a broader lesson here: don’t deal in generalities. Find out precisely what your buyer is looking for, and tailor your materials to communicate your ability to meet those needs.

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