Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From Nolo's Legal Marketing Blog: "Why Law Firms Should Wow Their Current Clients"

"Why Law Firms Should Wow Their Current Clients" from Nolo's Legal Marketing Blog. It's easy to focus your marketing dollars and efforts on finding and landing new clients. But it doesn't always make the most sense: studies show that it costs 11 times more to bring in a new client as it does to get additional work from an existing one. This post gives a good, common-sense, look at how you can make your current clients happier, and how it will always help you in the long (and short) run.

While you're at it, check out "A Short, Concise Client Development Tip" on Cordell Parvin's Law Consulting Blog for more tips on how you can make clients happy by showing them how much you care about their business.

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  1. nice share..i too believe in maintaining good relations with our existing clients...and work hard to suffice their requirement with that of new happy existing clients leads to satisfied new clients..that is what i believe and work on..
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