Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From The Bizzle: "The limits of outsourcing"

"The limits of outsourcing" from The Bizzle. Want to know what keeps your clients up at night? Read this blog, and you will. You'll also find out what in-house counsel wants, needs, and thinks of the lawyers they hire. Not enough? You'll get hard-to-find insight into the legal and non-legal matters in-house lawyers deal with every day. Like this post, which looks at outsourcing from the client's perspective, exploring the tension between outsourcing-as-cost-savings and outsourcing-as-a-management-and-cost-control challenge:
"The more complex the outsourced service, the more scope there is for errors and omissions in the list of activities. This is often to the benefit of the supplier, in the sense that it can name its price for the rectification of the contract to include an omitted activity."

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