Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Have you read these?

A smattering of relevant and interesting posts from the blawgosphere and beyond

  • Law and Surgery” from Adam Smith, Esq. Because its focus is the economics of law firms, this blog is on my short list of must-reads. Whether he’s dissecting law firm layoffs or market economics or the GM bankruptcy, Bruce MacEwen always provides an invaluable perspective on the business of law. That said, this post rises to the top precisely because it is NOT about law firm economics. Why? Because it is about passion. Read it and see why this Adam Smith, Esq. should be on your short list, too.

  • Welcome to the Future: Morgan Lewis Signals Armageddon” from AmLaw Daily. Like everyone else in the legal profession, you’re probably following the growing trend of summer program cancellations at the AmLaw 200 with the same abject horror as you did the layoffs of the past 18 months. This stuff is big. Really really big. Paul Lippe calls it “Armageddon” in this piece, and I see no reason to disagree. Read it and you will agree. Pay special attention to the comments, where readers appear more interested in Lippe’s use of “syllogism” than the fact that the profession as we know it will never be the same.

  • More problems with gated online legal communities: Cannot link to profiles” from Real Lawyers have Blogs. More and more lawyers are exploring and adopting Web 2.0 tools to market their practices, share knowledge and experience, and develop relationships, sparking more and more debate on the right way to do it. Kevin O’Keefe is often at the center of those conversations, and this post is no exception. Read it to see what your peers think about closed online communities. And while you’re at it, read “The State of Legal Social Networking” from Compliance Building, in which Doug Cornelius gives his take on a handful of social networking sites for lawyers.

  • Winning on the uphills” from Seth Godin’s Blog. I’m a cyclist, so I know from personal experience that the payoff for my work in the saddle is in the climb, not the descent. But you probably know that too, if only because it is July, and Lance Armstrong is back in the Tour de France, and the riders are currently in the Alps. The Tour is won on the uphills, when the challenges are greatest, when the conditions are dismal, when the risks are highest. Kind of like the economic environment today, isn’t it? Well, get over it, get out there, and get climbing. And read this post for inspiration on your way out the door.

  • Strategic Marketing in Five Easy Leaps” from Virtual Marketing Officer. Lawyers and legal marketers: read this post, and ask yourself where your firm lands on the strategic marketing continuum. Then ask where you think it should be. If yours is like most firms, those two places are not the same. How can you close the gap? By reading this post, and applying some of its useful ideas to your business development and marketing efforts.

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