Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lawyers: Would Your Own Mother Read Your Content?

Is your writing so filled with jargon, so dry, so "cure-for-insomnia boring" that your own mother wouldn't read it? You wouldn't be alone if it were, writes John Byrne in Lawyers: Want Your Content Read? Follow These 7 Tips! Fortunately, you can get your mom sharing your content in no time if you take Byrne's advice. Like this:
Don’t bury your leads or write like you’re getting paid by the word. Get to your points quickly and try your hardest to keep things moving. Oh, and try as hard as humanly possible to leave out the legal jargon, esoteric legal principles and the Latin. Carpe cut it out!
Read the post. Start writing to be read. And while you're at it, would it kill you to send your mother a note?

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