Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Eight Reasons Why Client Feedback Is Da Bomb

You might think you know how clients view your firm, writes Jim Pagliaro in Eight Ways That Listening to Clients Will Improve Your Law Firm and Add Value to Your Client Relationships. You might think you know how your firm looks from the outside. You might even think that your stellar reputation is universal. But you won’t really know until you ask:
“Practices that I believed were premier were seen as mid-market; partners whom I believed were service all-stars were rated as mediocre; and reputations I thought were well-established were barely known in many corners of the market. It is sobering and incredibly enlightening to see your law firm the way your clients see it.
The good news is that that “candid and often unforgiving” perspective from your clients is but one way that client interviews can help you run your firm and guarantee your future. Read Pagliaro’s post to see the others. Then start talking – and listening – to your clients.

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