Friday, January 12, 2018

7 Steps to a Better Business Development You

Change is hard, writes Rich Bracken in "The Sustainable 2018 Resolution for Lawyers: Better Business Development," but sustaining change is even harder. And when it comes to business development, it's easy to lose track of the finish line:
Business development is an even harder sell than a treadmill, so how do you create and maintain momentum for a change that doesn't always have immediate results, takes some convincing to do, and requires the investment of consistent time and effort? 
The solution? Bracken's P7 sustainable change method, a program that will guide you to a new business development you. One that's honest about her weaknesses and understands her strengths. One that draws up a plan for success, setting long-term objectives and the milestones that confirm she's on the right path. One that knows how to translate successes and failures into sustainable change.

Read the post, then get to work on your future.

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