Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Have you read these?

A smattering of interesting and insightful posts from the blawgosphere and beyond

  • How to Perfect an Elevator Pitch About Yourself” from Harvard Business Publishing’s Voices column. This is a useful post for job seekers, who will find five pieces of very practical advice about selling themselves in 15 seconds. Not you? Don’t kid yourself: your life just as full of 15-second blips during which are you are required to communicate your value in an interesting and engaging manner.

  • Can We Honestly Measure the ROI of Online Relationships?” from Law Firm Blogger. This post, and the discussions that it sparked, is a must read for legal professionals struggling to quantify the value of social media relationships. Whether you think that using metrics to evaluate these types of time/effort/expense costs is pointless or you think demonstrable ROI is a requirement before you make any investment whatsoever or you still haven’t figured it out, you will learn something from these discussions.

  • Neighborhood #1: The Regal Queen” from WonderBranding: Notes on Marketing to Women. I don’t know when I picked up this feed, or whether I’ve even noticed it will sifting through the hundreds in my RSS reader. But this post makes me glad it’s there. What if legal marketers applied the same discipline to understanding – so they can better communicate with – their different customer types?

  • Thinking about business models” from Seth Godin’s blog. Godin always uses fewer words to say more than just about everybody else: he’s great at reducing ideas and concepts to their essential elements, and articulating them in concise and thought-provoking ways. Lawyers, if you are indeed serious about exploring alternative business models, this post will help you frame the discussion.

  • Excellence. Always. All You Need to Know. (More or Less.)” from tompeters! Dispatches from the World of Work. Posts like this really demonstrate the power of blogging. It used to cost money to get advice like this. Today it’s free. And Tom Peters is most likely doing more work because of it. There’s probably a lesson there. There is definitely a lesson in this post, six tremendously valuable ones to be exact. Read it and learn.

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  1. Hey Lance, thanks for including me. I look forward to reading the others listed here. Thanks for the compilation. -- Amy