Monday, May 18, 2009

Have you read these?

A smattering of interesting and valuable posts from the blawgosphere and beyond

  • Answering the Social Phone” from Conversation Agent. Whether you are actively involved in, still trying to figure out, or waiting until someone demonstrates the value of, social media and social networking, you can learn something from this post. Read these ten ways that customers / clients are using those tools, and you’ll understand pretty quickly that you need to be part of the conversation.

  • The Worst Thing About PR” from Communications Catalyst. You should read this post for two reasons. First, because you might employ PR professionals without demanding that they demonstrate how PR can add strategic value to your practice. Second, because David Mullen’s criticism of PR professionals might also apply to lawyers. Heed his advice, and you’ll probably find yourself providing greater value to your clients. 

  • In Defense of the Billable Hour: Bad, or Just Misunderstood?” from The National Law Journal via I like this article not just because I have been known to defend the billable hour (in spite of its obvious drawbacks), but because it takes the debate beyond “good v. evil.” Doesn’t true value come from the services provided, not the billing method? Read this post before you answer that question.

  • Lawyer Marketing Resources” from If you are looking for a valuable collection of lawyer marketing resources, aimed particularly at solo attorneys who don’t have a lot of time and money to spend on marketing, then this is a must read. 

  • Lawyers and Career Uncertainty” from Some Assembly Required. Lawyers: this post contains really good career advice. Legal professionals: though written for lawyers, this post contains really good career advice for you, too. Non-lawyers / non-legal professionals: you might have missed it because it’s directed at lawyers, but this post because it contains really good career advice. Did I make myself clear? Then why aren’t you reading it yet? 

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