Thursday, April 22, 2010

From Convince and Convert: "Is social media too big for its britches?"

Is social media too big for its britches?” from Jay Baer's Convince and Convert. Social media and social networking for lawyers is something I read about, write about and actively enable. But truth be told, sometimes the discussions bore me. You know the ones. The blog posts and twitter feeds and videos extolling the virtues of participation, decrying the social media faux pas committed by luddites, praising the power and the glory and the revolution of social media. We need to move to the next step, to stop talking about social media like it is new and amazing and the new black, and to start talking about how it fits into your broad communications strategy, about the specific benefits social media can bring, about the concrete actions you should be taking to drive the results you seek. This post from Jay Baer does just that. It’s a big step in the right direction.


  1. Thanks so much Lance. I appreciate it. Indeed, I'm not interested in cheerleading or belly-aching. Just ideas, solutions, and practicality. Keep up the great stuff. Law firms could clearly benefit from your approach, and I hope they flock in droves.

  2. Nice site, very informative. I like to read this.,it is very helpful in my part for my criminal law studies.

  3. You're welcome, Jay. The post, and the ensuing discussions in the comments section, are a true must-read. Keep it comin'!