Thursday, April 29, 2010

From My Law License: "The Cause Of The Defenseless Or Oppressed - 15 Years Later"

"The Cause Of The Defenseless Or Oppressed - 15 Years Later" from My Law License. Brian Tannebaum's 15th-anniversary-as-a-lawyer post is full of his passion and satisfaction and pride as a lawyer. It's also full of valuable, first-hand advice that comes in the form of 60 lessons that Brian has learned in 15 years of criminal law, like:
[17] Some people don't matter. Never treat them like they don't matter.
[20] People hate lawyers, think they are greedy, and don't respect them. That will never change. Don't waste your time trying to convince society otherwise. Spend your time convincing your client through your work that they shouldn't hate lawyers, lawyers aren't greedy, and lawyers deserve respect.
[26] Take every opportunity you can to teach a young lawyer something, regardless of their response.
[35] The people you walk by and ignore, notice.
[50] Speaking and writing is a better advertisement than your angry photo next to the words "aggressive," and "Available 24/7."
But that's not the half of it. Read it and see for yourself.

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