Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have you read these?

A smattering of interesting posts from the blawgosphere and beyond

  • Self-Marketing Is Key to Being a Top Lawyer” on’s Career Center. Want to be a good lawyer? Work hard and do good work. Want to be a top lawyer? You need to start managing your career at the outset. Read this for guidance.

  • Staff cuts and short-term thinking” from Jordan Furlong at Law firm staff cuts is a subject near and dear to me, and Furlong’s analysis is as always very insightful. The added bonus? The ongoing dialogue in the comments is as rich as the post itself.

  • How Integration Drives Knowledge Management” from LawyerKM. I like reading about things I know are important but not within my comfort zone. This summary of the “How Integration drives KM” session at Legal Tech is one of those things. Law firm integration drives profits. Law firm knowledge management drives profits. Integrating KM systems is key to making it all work.

  • Hildebrandt: Now’s a good time for a business plan” from Legal Pad. In my book, ALL the time is a good time for a business plan, but I get their point. More importantly, I got the very useful Client Advisory from Hildebrandt that looks back at 2008 and ahead at 2009.

  • The Social Media Echo Chamber Makes Me Not Want to Listen” from Social Media Explorer. There are a lot of really smart people telling us how to maximize the value of SM. So why are we all only listening to the same few?

  • Does a new literacy call for a new book model?” from Webinknow. Did I say I like reading that which takes me outside my comfort zone? This post from David Meerman Scott certainly does that. How? I like the old book model very much, thank you very much. I don’t see why we need to change it. On the other hand, the revolution in literacy is undeniable, and books need to catch up or they’ll be left behind. Is this how?

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