Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Have you read these?

A smattering of interesting posts from the blawgosphere and beyond

  • Make Better Presentations - The Anatomy of a Good Speech” from Chris Brogan’s blog. Brogan’s posts are generally quite valuable (and unique: remember how to catch a giant catfish?). A central thesis to this one is that “a presentation is a sale,” and in it Brogan provides a lot of useful advice on making your presentation great. For lawyers, it’s doubly useful because at some level, every sale is a presentation. Read this, follow Brogan’s advice, and your presentations (and maybe even your sales) will be better.

  • How Big Brands can Start Testing Social Media” from Conversation Agent. Read this. It’s good and you will learn something. Now go back to the top, replace “Big Brands” with “Biglaw” and read it again. What do you think of it now?

  • To friend or Not to Friend – Social Media for Lawyers” from The Legal Intelligencer Blog. I argue in my other blog that lawyers need to embrace social networking, but certainly recognize that there’s a lot to work through. This post provides a comprehensive look at one of the first and most important questions you’ll have to answer as you move into social networking. The bonus? This is Part I in a series that will “address the ins and outs of different social media tools.” Sign up for the feed. I did.

  • Be a Better Marketer by Saying 'No' Sometimes” from Legal Marketing Blog.com. This post could have been called “Be a better lawyer by saying ‘no’ sometimes.” The underlying assumption is that you need to think about what you are trying to achieve, what you are good at, and what you need to do to get there. Remember: even in the current economy, you can own your future.  

  • Why Market Your Law Firm?” from The Rainmaker Blog. I think this sentence sums up the unique challenges of law firm marketing: “Do not falsely assume the client will use rational parameters to evaluate your services before purchasing.” Follow this blog. Read the posts. You’ll be glad you did (and probably smarter).

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  1. Lance - Thank you for sharing "To Friend or not To Friend: Social Media for Lawyers." If you have any thoughts on Twitter to share - please free free to send them my way.

    Gina Rubel
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