Thursday, January 12, 2012

Client Communication: Sometimes It’s Not Just About You

Mark Britton’s “Keeping Clients Through Communication” on the Lawyernomics blog. Britton’s post is based on a premise that you probably already know: the foundation of client service is communication. Meaningful communication, regular communication, open communication. But there’s more to it than picking up the phone to chat about the weather… Communication on its own isn’t worth much when it doesn’t tell your client everything they need to know. Like when you don’t have the expertise they need to solve a particular problem. Or when it would make more sense to bring in someone with more experience. Or even that you represent other clients that occasionally need your attention too.

Good communication is more than a good idea. That much you know. But unless you’re telling your client what they need to hear, the conversation might end sooner than you would like. Britton’s post can help you make sure it doesn’t.

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