Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Client Service: The Big Four Secrets of Big Four Success

Tom Kilroy’s “Big 4 a reason” on his blog GC’s Eye View. Let me say this up front: when you discover a blog written by a general counsel, add it to your RSS feed. Whether they’re writing about how the Big Four run client-service circles around law firms (as Kilroy does in today’s post), or biscuits or burgers, general counsel blog about that which is most important to them. And by “that which is important to them” I really mean “that which is important to you.”

Kilroy’s post demonstrates that point. In it, he looks at the ways in which the Big Four approach client service as he isolates what he sees as four secrets behind their success. Not their delivery of legal services secrets, nor their empirical knowledge secrets, but their client service secrets. The way they talk to their clients about the problems those clients are facing. The way they help their clients prepare for future challenges. They way they establish meaningful relationships with the people leading and managing the companies for which they work. Because those are the things that are important to Kilroy and, as he makes it clear in his post, those are the things he’d like his outside lawyers do more.

Shouldn't you be doing them too?

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