Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Step Into Your Client's Shoes" & Other Practical Advice

Suzanne Kearns’ “5 New Year’s Resolutions to Consider for Your Business” on the Intuit Small Business Blog. Today’s post comes from an unlikely source, but that might be the very reason you should read it. Because it isn’t written for lawyers. It’s written for anyone running a business, for anyone who has customers and employees and goals and expectations. Who forgets sometimes that what she is doing often means the difference between success and failure for the people she’s doing it for. That the end game isn’t her product – the contract or the argument or the agreement – but what the client does with it.

“Step into your customer’s shoes,” writes Kearns. That’s solid advice, because it forces you to look at the context for your work, the world surrounding your client, the pressures he faces every day, the problems that he wants you to make go away. And so are the other four resolutions she proposes. Read the post. Take Kearns' advice. And make 2012 a great year, for your clients, for your employees, for your practice, and for yourself.


  1. This is awesome, indeed. "Step into your customer’s shoes" has got to be one of the most sensible advices I have ever received. Great work, Lance!

    Shane McHale, orlando corporate attorney

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