Monday, January 23, 2012

Good Habits Come to Those Who Change: Reprioritizing Your Life

Tony Schwartz’ “‘No’ is the New ‘Yes’: Four Practices to Reprioritize Your Life” on his blog at the Harvard Business Review's HBR Blog Nework. Are you addicted to saying “yes”? To the rush of adrenaline that comes with taking on more than you can possibly get done in a ten hour day and a sixty hour week? To the high that comes from working late into the night to solve the unsolvable crisis, without losing your stride? Then you’ll benefit from reading this post, and following Schwartz’ advice.

It’s never easy to break bad habits. And when one of those habits is saying “yes” to things that make your life exciting, it’s likely to take more than reading a blog post and adopting Schwartz’ “four simple practices.” But it’s a start, an important step in the right direction. And if you, like Schwartz, can refocus your day, redefine your priorities, and recover time that’s better spent on the things you should be doing, you’ll thank yourself for the trouble.

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