Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Law firm pitches from a buyer's perspective. Any questions?

Nino Cusimano's "In-House Counsel Tips for Landing an Outside Counsel Gig" in Corporate Counsel. If yesterday's post told you how to make your client happy once she hired you, today's will get you in the door. Part common sense, part insider baseball, part plea for raising the typical law firm pitch bar, Cusimano's post is full of invaluable advice for saying and doing the things that make in-house counsel -- the people who decide whether or not to hire you -- sit up and take notice. In a good way. Because when you make the right pitch, the one that demonstrates your ability to do the work, your sincere interest in working for that company, your integrity, your honesty, your focus, "sit up and take notice" often manifests itself as "when can you start?"

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