Friday, September 23, 2016

It Takes More Than Facebook To Get New Clients

Yes, the importance of social media to your marketing efforts continues to grow. Yes, social media can increase your visibility, and make it easier to find you. Yes, potential clients are probably looking at your social media profiles to get a better idea of who you are before they pick up the phone to call.

But having a Facebook page (or a Twitter feed or an Instagram profile or an active presence on any of the other hundreds of social media channels) isn’t going to turn your firm into a potential-client magnet, writes Sam Glover in Social Media May Help Your Business, but It’s No Silver Bullet:
“When social media works, it works because the lawyer who is using it is just networking. Not Networking with wine and cheese and a stack of business cards, but actually getting to know people.”
Read the post, and start thinking of social media as the ice breaker, not the main conversation.

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