Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Maybe The Reason Your CMO Is Struggling Is You...

Looking to hire a chief marketing officer in your firm? Or maybe you'd like to make better use of the one already on the payroll? Either way, you'll want to read Tim Corcoran's Seven Reasons Why You Have Not Yet Found the Right CMO in The Legal Intelligencer (registration required). It's a useful look at why law firm leaders might be dissatisfied with CMOs and CMO candidates. And the answers may surprise you (spoiler alert: it's probably not the marketer):
"It's certainly plausible that some candidates who rose to senior-level law firm positions during times of plenty now face a daunting task of adapting to a much more competitive market. But it's also clear that many law firm leaders have a poor understanding of the kind of marketing support they need."
The good news? Corcoran provides practical advice for improving the process of identifying, training, and leading marketing directors. Read the post.

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