Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tweeting and Blogging and Posting, Oh My! Let The Master Guide You

Whether you're taking tentative first steps on Twitter, or looking for ways to drive readers to your established law blog, you'll find practical pointers for creating and maintaining a valuable online presence in Guy Kawasaki's How to Integrate Social Media and Blogging from The Art of Social Media. Kawasaki's one of the masters of social media marketing, so his post on "us[ing] a blog to enrich your social media ... and ... social media to promote your blog," is full of valuable - and effective - tips for connecting your written work with the people you need to reach:
  • If I had a choice between someone following us on a social-media platform or subscribing to our emails, I would pick the an email subscription any day.
  • [O]f all content, you should share your own blog posts. If a blog post is not worth sharing, it’s not worth writing.
  • Include links to your social-media accounts on your blog so that people can easily follow you. If your blog is interesting, people will follow you on social media, and if your social media is interesting, people will read your blog.
 Read the post. Then get tweeting. And blogging. And posting. Oh my.

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